Sunday, 31 March 2013


In Nova Scotia, you have to wait for spring. Having grown up on the west coast ( or wet coast as we jokingly refer to it now ) we were used to Daffodils in February, and Cherry Blossoms in March. We were also accustomed to more of a 2 season year, rain and then summer. So moving to Nova Scotia, we had to acclimatize to a different weather environment. The four seasons.

So to be honest, when you live on the West Coast you hear horror stories about the weather in the Maritimes. When we would tell people we were moving here, they would ply us with tales of endless winters with no sun, sub zero temperatures, and a ton of snow. So when we made the epic journey, we were ready. And when winter came we waited. We waited for these stories we had heard about to come to life. The first winter didn't live up to its potential. Actually it was opposite to what we expected. In fact, it was pleasant. Yes there was snow, but it was nice snow. And there was sun. Not just a little, but a lot. It would be cold, but it was clear. So we chalked that winter up to being an exception. We just got lucky our first year. So the next winter, we waited once again in anticipation of these apocalyptic weather bombs we had heard so much about out west. It didn't happen. Nor did it the next winter or the one after that. This one we just got through, was just like the rest. Pretty uneventful. Sure there were some snow storms, and gloomy days. But it certainly wasn't the horror we had been warned about. Not even close. And in fact it was 14 degrees C yesterday here in Yarmouth. The pleasures of living inland from the ocean. Spring is here!

So what struck me about all of this is how we as Canadians that live in the same country have all these misconceptions about each other. When we moved to Halifax I would talk to friends and family back home and they would say the funniest things. I remember mentioning once that I had just gotten home from Costco, and there was a sharp intake of breath on the other end of the phone line, and then the response." You have Costco there?" I laughed of course, and let them know that we did indeed have Costco, running water, and electricity.

All our provinces here in Canada are unique. When driving across this awesome country, this was something that stood out to me. How absolutely vast and amazing Canada is. How lucky we are to be Canadian, and how important it is to learn as much as we can about one another, and not make assumptions about how the other half lives. For example every one that lives in Nova Scotia is not a fisherman, and everyone in Alberta is not a cowboy, and every one in Vancouver is not rich. These are just a few things and assumptions I have heard along the way.

That said, where ever you are in the world, Canada, Europe, The USA, I'm sure its fabulous. And I want to see it someday, and learn about why you chose to be where you are, and what makes it the best place in the world for you.


  1. Nice post, I've never seen snow (Florida) but everyone I've meet who has lived in it, always have a nice story or memory to tell about it. I don't think I could ever live in it but it would be lovely to see. I will be reading on and following along.

  2. Thanks for the comment. Florida must be beautiful, and its on our list to visit for sure. Thanks for following!