Tuesday, 26 March 2013

A day in the life of Me

Well, this is truly breaking out of my comfort zone and moving forward in my journey of writing. I have never made any of my writing public, so this is somewhat difficult for me. So bare with me, while I make this huge transition in to the world of blogging.

So here goes....

Recently my husband and I and our kids made a big transition. We went from a dual income family, with kids in daycare, commuting, big mortgage, waterfront home, to a one income family, short commute, no daycare, and high hopes of trying to somewhat, live off the land. This required a job change for my husband, selling our house, and moving to a whole new community.

Well, living off the land is not as easy as we thought, but it is truly a great challenge. It hasn't been without its ups and downs that's for sure. Things from, my dog killing half my chickens, turkeys and ducks, to the realities of actually having to kill the turkey for thanksgiving, after he has followed you around the yard, and become your buddy the last 6 months. The upside has been, a lavish, delicious veggie garden, being home when my kids come home from school, and truly having to learn who I am, amongst all this change and transition. Do I know who I am yet? No, but I'm working on it.

My days are so different now, than what they were before. I bake my own bread, try and cook every meal from scratch, and take care of animals, pets, kids and a hubby. My old life was commuting an hour to the city, working all day, travelling every second week for a week, and coming home exhausted. Do I miss my old life? Yes, sometimes I do. I miss the things that the city had to offer, I miss my co workers, and the social life and the extra money.  But all those things are offset by the fact that I'm here when my kids come through the door each day, and yell out, "Hi Mom, I missed you today" and being able to share a snack and a chat.

The last year and a half that we've lived this new life has sped by so quickly, as life does no matter what path you choose. So, in my blogging, I hope to share some of my life, and my views, with you the reader, and also, make this a place I can also visit to look back on my own accomplishments, mishaps, bad days, and good ones, and all around life moments. I'm not really going for a theme here, just some good old honest writing. So, welcome to my blog, and I hope we can share many great times together.

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