Friday, 14 February 2014


I don't think most men really like Valentine's day. I could be wrong, I mean I am basing this opinion on my brothers, my Dad, my two sons, my husband, and all the cranky faces I saw in the flower line up yesterday at the Atlantic Superstore.( Personally I wanted to let them know Valentines Day was today, not yesterday, but hey, they were getting a jump on things. That's good right?) But truly, all in all, I'm sure if  you gave men the option, they would choose to skip it.

My son has a girl friend this Valentines Day and he asked me my advice. "Mom," he said, "What should I do for Valentines?" The look of stress etched all over his face gave me pause for thought. In my mind I was thinking, do we really need flowers and chocolates and things to make us feel special? I told him, "Well, taking her for a nice romantic supper and flowers should do it." I could feel his wallet cowering in his pocket already. He is a student on a tight income and I know there isn't much in there to spare. "Ya, maybe, but that sounds kind of boring." And at that he left the house. I don't hold high hopes for his girlfriend today. Sorry hun, I tried.

That said, it really got me to thinking about Valentine's Day. I don't want my husband to be stressed, and to feel he has to achieve some sort of perfect, romantic moment for me. He just isn't wired that way. He may not bring me flowers and chocolates on Valentine's but I know he loves me. He shows me every day. I started thinking of all the things he does for me and this family. The little things, and the not so little.

- He phones me during the day if I'm at home, just to hear my voice.
- He brings me tea in bed when I'm tired
- He always cooks us a special Sunday morning breakfast
- He always builds a fire in the wood stove in the morning so we are warm when we get up
- He tells me I"m beautiful, even when I'm in 2 year old pajama pants, his T-shirt and I haven't brushed my hair or teeth yet, and he actually means it
- He knows what I'm thinking even when I don't know what I'm thinking
- He shares my crazy dreams
- He supports me in all my crazy dreams
- He doesn't let anyone treat me badly, and I pity those that try
- He doesn't say anything when I buy Cilantro every week at the grocery store, and then most of  it rots in the fridge, but next week I will buy it again, because I love it, but no one else does.
- He asks me what's wrong when I'm quiet because he knows if I'm not talking a mile a minute, there must be something going on
- He takes me down every country road I want, just so I can see what's around the next corner.
-He makes everything we do a good time, even if its just shopping at the grocery store

But most of all, he is my best friend. I can tell him anything and he won't judge me. He respects me and makes me feel special each and every single day. And even though it isn't always roses, he doesn't have to bring me roses to let me know he cares.

I love you honey, with every piece of my heart.

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