Friday, 1 May 2015


Well it has been a long while since I have posted on this little old blog of mine and to be truthful, I really miss the writing. I have been working full time the last while and just now, today, have gone back to part time, and I am so very happy. I really want to focus on whats important and that is living in the moment, cherishing all the beauty that exists around us all, and having a bit of time to just be. I feel very lucky to have the job I do, but it doesn't define me. And what I learn the most from where I work (Long term Care) is that life is extremely short. It goes by in a blink, and if we don't take the time now to enjoy it, there is no later on. So here I am, back and hopefully able to write a little more in the future.

So lets do a little catch up. Winter is behind us and what a winter it was. Snow, snow and more snow. I have never actually seen that much snow in my life time. I LOVED it. It was the winter of my dreams. That said, spring is now here and I am happy to see it coming. That's the great thing about seasons, just when you're getting sick of one thing, the next is just around the corner. Everything keeps moving at its own pace and if you take the time to stop and enjoy it instead of complaining about it, you see the absolute beauty in all that is. But now its time to get the garden going, seeds planted, soil tilled and some much needed spring cleaning. We also will be visiting our little piece of heaven at the lake and getting that aired out and opened up for the season. Last time we went to our camp, there was about 6 feet of snow and we had to hike in. It was incredible. The snow was frozen so you could just walk right over the top. At one point I was standing on snow knowing that my picnic table was somewhere beneath me. It was a sunny day, and you could hear the lake moaning and groaning as the ice was beginning to melt. The immense silence was broken by the loud explosions of the ice giving way. It was an absolutely gorgeous day. But now I'm excited to get back there, put my canoe in the lake and hear the first dip of the paddle as the sun rises over the hills. Life is good. I'm going to leave you now with a few of my winter pictures that give me the most pleasure. Each one has a very special memory attached which I will always treasure. Enjoy, and will write again soon.

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